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Why p460n properties is generally not heat treated

Normalizing of steel plate is a heat treatment method that heats the P460N properties steel above the critical temperature so that all the steel is transformed into uniform austenite and then cooled naturally in the air.It can eliminate the network cementite of the hypereutectoid steel, for the hypoeutectoid steel normalization can refine the lattice, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties, for the parts with low requirements of normalization instead of annealing process is more economic.

The company has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, responsibility oriented, quality first, reputation first" and is committed to building a world-class steel materials and service provider. We will continue to work hard to carry forward the enterprise tenet of "quality is the life of the enterprise, survival by quality, development by reputation", and become an enterprise with strong vitality! We always keep it in mind that profit is important to enterprises. But what counts more is social responsibility.

We also call ASTM A335 pipe as ASME SA335 Chrome-Moly pipe, it is a type of seamless pipe could be used in high temperature environments of 540 – 750 °C. While Molybdenum increases the overall strength, resistance, elasticity, hardenability and overall quality, moly ensures that the material is more resistant to softening, restrains the growth of grains and lessens the chances of embrittlement.

BBN steel P460N properties hot rolled plates stock: 15*2300*14500, 8*2440*4700, 8*2300*6000, 14*1524*6096, 14*2150*8400, 8*2100*6000, 14*2000*12000, 12*2335*5000, 12*2150*7700, 15*2430*7550, 14*2000*11700, 18*2000*10000, 12*1850*9000, 16*1720*10070, 22*2200*8200, 15*2000*10000, 38*2700*6000, 50*1500*6000, 60*1800*9380, 60*1750*9380, 63*2440*5700, 63*2440*6096, 70*2210*7500,80*1800*6260 .

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