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What are the effects of phosphorus in 15mo3 vs 16mo3

Among the most notable benefits of 304H stainless steel’s increased carbon content is its greater resilience in high temperature environments. It also benefits from good workability, lending 304H grades to key structural applications requiring high-strength plates and parts for complex or challenging features. This durability is guaranteed over the long term even when applied in severe processing/storage environments like boilers and pressure vessels 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3, due to the superb creep resistance of 304H stainless in both the short and long term.

As soon as the grains of the steel sheet become coarse, the forming limit decreases. The total elongation, n value and r value in the mechanical properties of the 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 steel plate have no direct influence on the forming limit of spinning. The steel plate used in the test is very thin (about 0.5mm), and the commonly used thickness 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 steel plate (0.8-1.6mm) will definitely be much higher than the above limit.

The main raw material of 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3, hot rolling coil is billet. After heating the billet, the strip made from the coarse and fine rolling mill is cooled to a certain temperature by specific cooling, and then the cooled steel strip is made into rolled steel strip by coiler. But generally, according to the buyer's demand, the manufacturer can further process the cooled steel strip into steel plate or flat coil and other products.

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