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The plating process of sb480 steel grade

The production process of sb480 steel grade, 14Cr1MoR hydrogen-resistant Cr-Mo steel: electric furnace steelmaking - LF furnace refining - VD furnace vacuum degassing - rolling plate - flaw detection - normalizing - tempering - steel plate finishing - performance inspection. Strengthen batching control and smelting operations, effectively control the content of harmful elements such as Sn, Sb, As, Cu, and reduce the content of P and S to improve the purity of steel, reduce the tendency of temper embrittlement, and improve the high - temperature corrosion resistance of 14Cr1MoR steel.

Online Industrial Metal Supply, sb480 steel grade Direct Factory Price 55*2500*12000, 55*2500*12000, 56*1890*12000, 50*2600*7940, 68*2300*3500, 77*1300*12200, 55*1600*6000, 50*1700*6000, 81*2010*3000, 70*2500*12000, 80*2020*7932, 68*3030*11300, 80*1150*3950, 70*2500*12000, 65*2500*10350, 80*1655*7260, 80*1000*3950, 90*3120*9800, 80*2500*12000, 120*3030*7400, 85*2800*3400, 100*2400*10000, 140*2300*11500, 148*2780*6930.

sb480 steel grade and so on steel structure engineering steel has good plasticity, which can make the structure have obvious deformation before being destroyed, so as to avoid brittle failure of structure. The good plasticity of steel can adjust the local peak stress to redistribute the stress, and improve the ductility of components, so as to improve the seismic capacity of the structure. The impact toughness of sb480 steel grade and so on steel structure engineering steel is good, which can improve the ability of resisting dynamic load and avoid the occurrence of cracks and brittle fracture.

Shanghai market prices rose slightly this week. The mainstream price of 1500mm plain carbon steel coil is 4470-4490 yuan/ton, and the price of 1800mm wide hot-rolled coil is 4550-4570 yuan/ton. The mainstream price of low alloy steel plate 1500mm is 4670-4690 yuan/ton, and the price of 1800mm low alloy is 4810-4830 yuan/ton.

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