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The iron oxide on HI steel plate proeprties

Classification of hot rolled steel plate: hot rolled steel plate can be divided into HI steel plate proeprties ordinary thin steel plate, pickling thin steel plate, roofing plate, oil barrel plate, pattern steel plate, shipbuilding steel plate and automobile steel plate according to its use.

HI steel plate proeprties, 12MnNiVR steel plate is for large-scale oil storage tanks. The delivery state: quenching and tempering. The impact temperature is -20℃.12MnNiVR chemical composition analysis:12MnNiVR carbon C: not more than 0.08512MnNiVR silicon Si: not more than 0.312MnNiVR manganese Mn: not more than 1.512MnNiVR phosphorus P: not more than 0.01512MnNiVR sulfur S: not more than 0.005

If you have any requirements for the mode of transportation of the HI steel plate proeprties goods, we can also negotiate and meet your requirements. For logistics, first of all, we respect customers' opinions, and then choose the most convenient port and transportation mode with appropriate price for customers.

Hydrogen (H) is the most harmful element in general steel such as HI steel plate proeprties. Hydrogen dissolved in steel will cause hydrogen embrittlement, white spots and other defects. Hydrogen, like oxygen and nitrogen, has very little solubility in solid steel. It dissolves into liquid steel at high temperature, and accumulates in the structure without time to escape when cooling, forming high-pressure micro pores, which greatly reduce the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of steel, and even cause cracks and brittle fracture in severe cases. "Hydrogen embrittlement" mainly occurs in martensitic steel, but not very prominent in ferrite steel, and generally increases with hardness and carbon content.

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