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The charpy impact values of 10crmo910 equivalent

The company has a solid economic foundation, a strong network of relationships, complete technology and staffing. With my country’s entry into the WTO, the import and export trade is increasing day by day. In order to further meet the needs of 10CrMo910 equivalent traders and importers and exporters, our company carefully builds for merchants One-stop service from door to door. We have a complete import and export service system in Mainland China, and 10CrMo910 equivalent have established close cooperative relations with many shipping companies and airlines.

From the order to the delivery, there are three quality inspections to ensure that the qualified rate of finished products is more than 100%. We promise that every order will be tracked in a timely manner to ensure that customers can receive goods safely and constantly listen to their opinions and suggestions, reflect on our own problems, and let customers feel at ease. We have a large warehouse in Shanghai and Tianjin, which can provide customers with sufficient sources of supply.

Main applications: 10CrMo910 equivalent it is mainly used to manufacture the products that do not require high surface quality and do not need deep drawing, such as ventilation pipes, mechanical covers, switch boxes, file cabinets, etc. It is also commonly used as billet for welded pipes and 10CrMo910 equivalent cold-formed steel sections.

The boiler steel is not only required to have good corrosion resistance at low temperature, but also required to have good oxidation resistance at high temperature for components working at high temperature. Especially for the components of superheater and reheater, when they 10CrMo910 equivalent work at high temperature, they are required not easy to be oxidized and peeled. Generally, the development speed of oxidation depth at working temperature is required to be less than 0.1mm/year. The addition of chromium, nickel, aluminum and silicon can improve the oxidation resistance of steel.

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