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sb410 steel equivalent data sheet

After adding a small amount of niobium, vanadium and titanium to sb410 steel equivalent etc. steel, it is combined with the controlled rolling process to control the precipitation behavior of microalloying elements to achieve the purpose of improving the comprehensive properties of the steel, whether it is strength, toughness, ductile-brittle transition temperature, or Steel's process formability, welding performance, corrosion resistance and crack resistance have been significantly improved, while reducing production costs. Such steel products are widely used in oil and gas pipelines, vehicles, building structures, oil production platforms, pressure vessels, ship shells and many other fields.

Based on the principle of “sincerity and win-win cooperation”, our company keeps forging ahead. In the fierce market competition, we have won the trust and rapid development of our customers with good cooperation and sincere service spirit. With pioneering spirit, the pursuit of excellence, continuous learning, and never satisfied content, we will create a win-win situation with our customers to create a better future. The company has sufficient inventory and complete varieties and specifications.

sb410 steel equivalent, SA387Gr5CL2 delivery status: normalized + tempered.The synthesis performance of SA387Gr5CL2: the content of phosphorus is reduced by special smelting method, so that SA387 has high brittleness resistance and good impact toughness in low temperature environment.

Hot Rolled Plates Products TestingBBN STEEL can supply many tests and analysis done to examine them before and after the manufacturing. As the sb410 steel equivalent raw material is fetched by us the steel undergoes vacuum treatment, product analysis, additional tensile test, simulated post weld heat treatment, and impact test. After the steel is converted to steel plates they undergo the drop-weight test, hot tensile test, ultrasonic test, the practical examination through examination, and the vacuum carbon deoxidized steel."

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