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Plate 17mn4 properties 1cm thick price

BEBON cpompany practice new development concepts, expand in an all-round way, deepen reform and innovation, speed up transformation and upgrading, become stronger, better and bigger, accelerate the implementation of BEBON Steel's 17Mn4 properties industrial planning, and realize the revitalization and development of enterprises.Fully implement the corporate 17Mn4 properties market dominant position, comprehensively promote contractual management, and promote the transition from "internal production" to "market operation”.

Hydrogen (H) is the most harmful element in general steel such as 17Mn4 properties. Hydrogen dissolved in steel will cause hydrogen embrittlement, white spots and other defects. Hydrogen, like oxygen and nitrogen, has very little solubility in solid steel. It dissolves into liquid steel at high temperature, and accumulates in the structure without time to escape when cooling, forming high-pressure micro pores, which greatly reduce the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of steel, and even cause cracks and brittle fracture in severe cases. "Hydrogen embrittlement" mainly occurs in martensitic steel, but not very prominent in ferrite steel, and generally increases with hardness and carbon content.

17Mn4 properties, SA516M Gr485 steel plate belongs to carbon steel plate for medium and low temperature pressure vessel. SA516M Gr485 and SA516 Gr70 are the same material. SA516 Gr70 is expressed in English system and SA516M Gr485 is expressed in metric system. Minimum tensile strength limit of SA516M Gr485 steel plate is 70ksi [485Mpa], maximum thickness 205mm, equivalent to China GB / T713 Q345R.

On October 30, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the "Action Plan for Comprehensive Control of Air Pollution in the Yangtze River Delta Region in the Fall and Winter of 2020-2021". The "Plan" stated that the steel production capacity of Tianjin will be controlled at 15 million tons by the end of December 2020. Around this time, Hebei’s steel production capacity will be controlled within 200 million tons, and the elimination of 4.3-meter coke ovens with longer furnace age and poor furnace conditions will be accelerated, and independent coking companies will gradually withdraw.

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