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Material sb480 steel material impact toughness

The aging treatment of sb480 steel material steel plate: in order to eliminate the size and shape changes of precision measuring tools or molds and parts in long-term use, the workpiece is often reheated to 100℃ -150 ℃ and maintained for 5-20 hours before finishing at low temperature after tempering. This sb480 steel material process is called aging to stabilize the quality of precision parts.It is particularly important to aging steel members under low temperature or dynamic loading conditions to eliminate residual stress and stabilize steel structure and size.

Manufacturing and Fabricating Capabilities: Pressure vessel heads and plates rolling Stainless Steel Shells Nickel Alloy Shells Carbon Steel Shells Steam Drums Ammonia Tanks Storage Tanks Process Tanks AOD Vessels and AOD Furnaces and Related Components; Cones, Shells, Cylinders and Hoods.

sb480 steel material, Large diameter spiral steel pipe refers to the relatively large diameter spiral steel pipe, which is generally required to be more than 1000mm. The manufacturing process of large-diameter spiral steel pipe: first, the steel strip is bent into shape, and then welded together to make a large-diameter spiral steel pipe of specified size. After being processed into a pipe, hydrostatic test, bending, flattening and other tests shall be carried out, and the internal steel support of large-diameter spiral steel pipe can be made according to customer requirements.

The quality evaluation of plasma arc cutting, which includes: incision width: is the size of the widest incision, generally 0.15-6 mm.If the incision width is not appropriate, then it will cause a waste of sb480 steel material material, reduce the cutting speed, but also increase energy consumption.Surface roughness: it sb480 steel material is mainly used to determine whether to rework after cutting.Slag amount: mainly observed by the naked eye, it can be divided into four grades: none, slight, moderate and severe.

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