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High strength 14Cr1MoR grade equivalent with 5000-18000mm length

Normalizing of steel plate is a heat treatment method that heats the 14Cr1MoR grade equivalent steel above the critical temperature so that all the steel is transformed into uniform austenite and then cooled naturally in the air.It can eliminate the network cementite of the hypereutectoid steel, for the hypoeutectoid steel normalization can refine the lattice, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties, for the parts with low requirements of normalization instead of annealing process is more economic.

Another big difference between the two steel plates is the difference in surface conditions. The surface of the 14Cr1MoR grade equivalent cold-rolled steel sheet is processed very delicately in the form of matt finish rolling (pear skin processing) and bright finish rolling due to the cooperation of cold rolling and quenched and tempered rolling. The surface of the hot-rolled steel sheet used in ordinary processing is in the state of pickling the oxide scale generated during hot rolling, so it is rough and does not have the uniform state of the 14Cr1MoR grade equivalent cold-rolled steel sheet.

14Cr1MoR grade equivalent product plate specification range: Thickness 3-150mm Width 1500-4020mm Length 4000mm-17000mm Heat treatment: annealing, or normalizing and tempering

12CrMoVR pressure vessel steel is a kind of pearlite heat-resistant steel, which has high structural stability and thermal strength when used for a long time at high temperature. It has low overheating sensitivity during heat treatment and no tendency of temper brittleness; 14Cr1MoR grade equivalent steel has high plasticity and machinability during cold deformation.

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