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Cold and hot processing technology of 13MnNiMoR yield strength

When automatic steel plate cutting is carried out, the distance difference between the steel plate hanging from the steel plate to the gas cutting platform should be adjusted to within 5mm.When semi-automatic cutting is carried out, the guide rail should be placed on the plane of the steel plate to be cut, and then the cutting machine should be placed lightly on the guide rail.Make one side of the cutting torch face the operator, choose the cutting nozzle according to the thickness of the steel plate, adjust the cutting straightness and cutting speed.

Main business: carbon steel plate cutting, round steel cutting, stainless steel cutting, round pipe cutting, 13MnNiMoR yield strength, steel structure welding. It can also cut various machine tool side plates, special-shaped parts, flanges, bearing seats, bearing supporting bases, embedded parts, counterweights, rolling stands, cutting squares, cutting circles, etc. according to customer drawings. BBNsteel company has good business channels with major steel mills, and undertakes all kinds of steel plate processing services.

The alloy carbide of Q245R boiler plate has strong stability at high temperature. Q245R boiler plate can be used within 500℃. Other special requirements can be customized and 13MnNiMoR yield strength can be used under 1200℃; ceramic, polyurethane, polymer Materials, etc., using pasting methods, wear-resistant materials cannot meet such high temperature requirements.

Our company has its own steel plate manufacturing plant, processing plant and steel pipe plant. We can machine the steel according to the 13MnNiMoR yield strength customer's requirements and meet the customer's requirements. If you want to ask any questions about steel products, please contact us directly. Our customer service staff will give you a detailed answer. If you want to purchase 13MnNiMoR yield strength steel products, please tell me your specific needs, we have professional business personnel to communicate with you.

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