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Carbon surcharge on steel materials 15mo3 vs 16mo3

SA203 Gr.E steel plate belongs to the Ni alloy steel plate for pressure vessels. It is an American standard container plate, and it implements the American standard ASME standard. 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3, SA203Gr.E is equivalent to 08Ni3DR of national standard GB3531, steel plate for low temperature pressure vessel at -100 degrees Celsius. SA203 Gr.E chemical composition smelting analysis: C:≤0.2; Si:0.15-0.4; Mn:≤0.8; P:≤0.025; S:≤0.025; Ni:3.25-3.75.

In bridge steel plate, boiler plate, automobile manufacturing steel, 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3, pressure vessel steel plate and multi-layer high-pressure vessel steel plate, it mainly use the thick plate cutting parts. In addition, some types of steel plates such as automobile beam steel plate (thickness 2.5-10 mm), pattern steel plate (thick 2.5~8mm), stainless steel plates, heat-resistant steel plates, etc. are crossed with thin plates.

Another big difference between the two steel plates is the difference in surface conditions. The surface of the 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 cold-rolled steel sheet is processed very delicately in the form of matt finish rolling (pear skin processing) and bright finish rolling due to the cooperation of cold rolling and quenched and tempered rolling. The surface of the hot-rolled steel sheet used in ordinary processing is in the state of pickling the oxide scale generated during hot rolling, so it is rough and does not have the uniform state of the 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 cold-rolled steel sheet.

In the whole steel structure and steel body, the medium and heavy plate is an important part, once the problem occurs, it is easy to fracture, collapse and occur explosion. So how to judge whether the medium and heavy plate, 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 is of high quality? First of all, check whether there are cracks on the surface of the 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 plate and how glossy it is. Secondly, to measure the thickness error of medium and heavy plate, it is better to use the instrument to measure the bending tensile value. Finally, observe the scale of the steel plate manufacturers, whether there are relevant qualification certificates, and how the production process is.

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