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15CrMoR asme equivalent hot rolled plate production line

The steel grades 15CrMoR asme equivalent of thick steel plate are basically the same as those of thin steel plate. In terms of steel types, in addition to the bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, automobile manufacturing steel plate, pressure vessel steel plate and multi-layer high-pressure vessel steel plate, some kinds of 15CrMoR asme equivalent steel plates, such as automobile girder steel plate (2.5-10 mm thick), checkered steel plate (2.5-8 mm thick), stainless steel plate, heat-resistant steel plate, etc., are crossed with the thin plate.

15CrMoR executive standard: GB713.15CrMoR manufacturing method: 15CrMoR steel is smelted by oxygen converter or electric furnace, and should be refined outside the furnace.15CrMoR thickness: 6mm-150mm, width: 1600mm-4000mm15CrMoR asme equivalent, 15CrMoR has good high temperature mechanical properties, high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, process performance and weldability.

The company's logistics uses third-party logistics. This logistics model plays an important role in improving the efficiency of our business operations. Third-party logistics is an important form of logistics specialization. As a company specializing in logistics, third-party logistics companies have a wealth of experts who specialize in logistics operations, which is conducive to ensuring the professional production of the company, reducing costs, and improving logistics level of the company. Both the customers and the company benefit from the logystics mode.

Vanadium element (V element) can refine grains in ordinary low carbon alloy steel, improve the strength and yield ratio and low temperature characteristics after normalizing, and improve the welding performance of steel, 15CrMoR asme equivalent included. Vanadium element (V element) is often used in combination with manganese, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten and other elements in structural steel because of its low hardenability under general heat treatment conditions. Vanadium in quenched and tempered steel is mainly to improve the strength and yield ratio of steel, refine the grain size, and pick up the overheating sensitivity.

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