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12cr1mov equivalent asme material equivalent standards

The development 12cr1mov equivalent asme of the company comes from the resource advantage, service advantage, logistics advantage and brand advantage established over the years, and it is also inseparable from the full support of new and old customers. We will uphold the support of all sectors of society, actively provide users with 12cr1mov equivalent asme high-quality and efficient services, work together for win-win, and create a better tomorrow!

Q370qDNH steel plate atmospheric corrosion resistance steel grade: Q—The first letter of the Chinese pinyin of "qu" for the yield strength of steel used in bridges; 370-a specified value of small yield strength, unit MPa; q-the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the word "bridge" for bridge steel; D—The quality level is D level; N——The first letter of the Chinese phonetic alphabet of the word "Nei"; H——The first letter of Pinyin of "hou"; Q370qDNH steel standard: GB/T 714-2015.

35# steel is a high-quality medium carbon carbon structural steel, with good plasticity and appropriate strength, good process performance, and acceptable welding performance. It 12cr1mov equivalent asme is often delivered in normalized and tempered state. 35 # steel is widely used in the manufacture of various forged and hot-pressed parts, cold-drawn and 12cr1mov equivalent asme upset forged steel, seamless steel tubes, and parts in machinery manufacturing.

Weathering steel generally adopts the process route of fine material into the furnace-smelting (converter, electric furnace-microalloying treatment-argon blowing-LF refining-low superheat continuous casting (feeding rare earth wire)-controlled rolling and cooling. The scrap steel is added into the furnace together with the charge, and smelted according to the conventional process. After the 12cr1mov equivalent asme steel is tapped, deoxidizers and alloys are added. After the molten steel is treated with argon blowing, the molten steel is cast. By adding rare earth elements to the steel, the 12cr1mov equivalent asme weathering steel is purified and the content of inclusions is greatly reduced.

12cr1mov equivalent asme, API 5L X52 steel with the thickness range is 1.2-40mm, the width range is 1220-4200mm, and the length range is 5000-18000mm. API 5L X52 steel’s mechanical properties is the yield strength 300MPa, and the tensile strength 460MPa. To be specified in details: Maximum content for C≤0.28%, Mn≤1.4%, P≤0.030%, S is 0.030%, V+Nb+Ti≤0.15%, Copper maximum is 0.50%, nickel maximum 0.50%, chromium 0.50%, Molybdenum 0.15%.

We have a professional after-sales department to collect all information related to customers, so as to make relevant treatment in time according to the information, and file it; guide the user's product use methods and precautions; coordinate with the sales department, visit customers regularly, understand the customer's use and new requirements, and make a customer visit record; When communicating with customers, they should be enthusiastic and careful to understand the situation of product problems and put forward solutions

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