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What steel is HI steel plate proeprties

The quenching and tempering treatment of HI steel plate proeprties steel plate: after quenching, the heat treatment method of high temperature tempering is called quenching and tempering treatment.High temperature tempering refers to tempering between 500℃ and 650℃.The properties and materials of steel can be greatly adjusted by tempering and tempering. Its strength, plasticity and toughness are good, and it HI steel plate proeprties has good comprehensive mechanical properties.

The production process of HI steel plate proeprties, 12Cr2Mo1R steel: electric furnace steelmaking - LF furnace refining - VD furnace vacuum degassing - rolling plate - flaw detection - normalizing - tempering - steel plate finishing - performance inspection.12Cr2Mo1R chemical composition analysis: carbon C: 0.08-0.15, silicon Si: no more than 0.5, manganese Mn: 0.3-0.6, copper Cu: no more than 0.2, nickel Ni: no more than 0.3, chromium Cr: 2.00-2.50, molybdenum Mo: 0.9-1.1, Phosphorus P: not more than 0.02, Sulfur S: not more than 0.01.

In 2021, China's steel structure industry will continue to maintain rapid development. As the proportion of prefabricated buildings in the country's newly built buildings continues to increase, the scale of investment in "new infrastructure" has expanded. UHV construction and 5G base station construction involving steel structure requirements have brought huge potential demand.

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