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What material is the 13crmo44 chemical composition made of

Normalizing of steel plate is a heat treatment method that heats the 13CrMo44 chemical composition steel above the critical temperature so that all the steel is transformed into uniform austenite and then cooled naturally in the air.It can eliminate the network cementite of the hypereutectoid steel, for the hypoeutectoid steel normalization can refine the lattice, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties, for the parts with low requirements of normalization instead of annealing process is more economic.

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Generally, the production process of 13CrMo44 chemical composition seamless steel tube can be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling. The production process of cold-rolled seamless steel tube is generally more complicated than that of hot rolling. The tube blank must be first rolled by three rolls, and then be subject to sizing test and cutting after extrusion. Then enter the annealing process. In appearance, the cold-rolled seamless steel tube is shorter than the hot-rolled seamless steel tube, and the wall thickness of the cold-rolled seamless steel tube is generally smaller than that of the hot-rolled seamless steel tube, but the surface looks brighter than the thick wall seamless steel tube, the surface is not too rough, and the diameter is not too much burr.

Due to its reasonable composition design, effective control of sulfur content, and addition of rare earth elements to reduce the total amount and single volume of residual inclusions in the steel, 07Cr2AlMoRe corrosion resistant steel not only has good hydrogen sulfide stress corrosion resistance and hydrogen sulfide uniform corrosion resistance, but also has excellent hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) corrosion resistance. 13CrMo44 chemical composition, 07Cr2AlMoRe is a good hydrogen corrosion resistant steel.

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