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What is 13crmo44 material equivalent equivalent ASME material

We can cut the large steel plates 13CrMo44 material equivalent by your requirements, but to the width and length your demand; we can make the surface of the cut steel plate to be bright by milling and grinding, also can make holes and make angle degrees, and can weld by your drawing. For the 13CrMo44 material equivalent product thickness under 30mm, we mainly cut by laser cutting; for thickness over 30mm, mainly OXY-cut, flame cutting. The processing plates conclude cutting the larger plate into the small sizes customer demand, cut by drawing, cut to special sizes, weld the cut parts by drawing.

The salesman of the company is familiar with all aspects of knowledge. Understand the company profile: group, company profile, various honor certification, enterprise's functional strength and other advantages analysis. Know the main product brand types and specifications of the company, and know the special knowledge of the product (production process and advantages of the product, simple identification method of product quality, etc.)

13CrMo44 material equivalent, SA203 Gr.E plate is widely used in the production and processing of cryogenic separation processing, air separation and liquefied gas storage equipment. In recent years, the large-scale low-temperature equipment such as CO2 absorption tower, H2S absorption tower, H2S concentration tower and methanol washing tower in domestic coal chemical projects are mainly manufactured with SA203 Gr.E material, and the maximum thickness currently used is 110mm.

Alloying elements, especially Mn, Ni, Cr, Mo and B (trace elements), can increase the hardenability of the 13CrMo44 material equivalent steel, so as to obtain a deeper hardened layer and adopt a slower quenching cooling rate. Alloying elements, especially Si, Mo, V and W, improve the tempering stability of the 13CrMo44 material equivalent steel to slow down the tempering softening effect. When the content of W, Mo and V is high, secondary hardening will occur during quenching and tempering, so as to improve the hot hardness of the steel.

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