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Superior high strength 15mo3 vs 16mo3

Due to the special service environment of 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 hydropower steel, the requirements for strength, toughness, welding performance and corrosion resistance of hydropower steel plate are very strict. The mechanical properties of hydropower steel plates require good low-temperature impact toughness, fracture toughness and good welding properties under high strength.

Continue to refine and improve the company's common core values.Corporate values are the evaluation criteria for the production and operation behavior, products, services provided, social reputation and credit of enterprises, the biggest 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 goal pursued by enterprises and the criteria for judging things accordingly, and the core of corporate culture. Companies in the extraction of common value note: simplicity; Unity of coordination; 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3 Systemic; Respect for talents; Focus on giving back to society; Try to make a factual argument in order to gain wider acceptance.

Welded steel pipes are made by crimping steel plates, bending them into a circle, and then welding the joints together. Seamless steel pipe is directly processed by round steel piercing or hot rolling process, so there is no weld on the outer surface. The performance of seamless steel pipe is better than that of welded steel pipe, and the price of seamless steel pipe is also higher. There are some differences in chemical composition between 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3, welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. The material of welded steel pipe contains the chemical composition suitable for welding.

The main raw material of 15Mo3 vs 16Mo3, hot rolling coil is billet. After heating the billet, the strip made from the coarse and fine rolling mill is cooled to a certain temperature by specific cooling, and then the cooled steel strip is made into rolled steel strip by coiler. But generally, according to the buyer's demand, the manufacturer can further process the cooled steel strip into steel plate or flat coil and other products.

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