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BBN produce 10crmo910 astm equivalent weight

10CrMo910 astm equivalent, 12CrMoVNi steel has low sensitivity and no temper brittleness; the steel has high plasticity and good machinability during cold deformation; the weldability is general, but the large wall thickness parts need to be preheated to 200 - 300 ℃, and need stress removal treatment after welding.

The company formulates clear service process and service standard. To do a good job in after-sales service, first of all, clear service process and service standards should be formulated to let employees know which procedures to perform and which service standards to abide by.

Normalizing is a heat treatment that improves the toughness of steel. After the steel components are heated to 30-50°C above the Ac3 temperature, they are kept for a period of time and then air cooled. The main feature is that the cooling rate is faster than annealing but lower than quenching. During normalizing, the crystal grains of the steel 10CrMo910 astm equivalent can be refined in a slightly faster cooling. Not only can satisfactory strength be obtained, but also the toughness (AKV value) can be significantly improved and reduced The tendency of the component to crack.

By Region: data shows that in the first quarter of Asia, crude steel 10CrMo910 astm equivalent production was 315.2 million tons, down 0.3% year on year. Crude steel production in the EU region in the first quarter was 38.3 million tons, down 10.0% year on year. The output of crude steel in North America in the first quarter was 29.5 million tons, down 4.0% year on year.

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