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A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties for sale with stable stock

GB711-2011 Chinese steel standard is used in the manufacture of steel plates with a A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties thickness of not more than 150mm for navigating ships, fishing boats and marine engineering structures in ocean, coastal and inland waterway areas. CCS/NV/GL550 steel is a structural steel for ships and marine engineering, divided into four quality grades A, D, E, F, namely AH550, DH550, EH550, FH550, H is high-strength building materials, and 550 is the lower yield strength.

Since the beginning of this year, the global A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties steel pipe industry, like many other industries, is facing severe market situation. The difference is that novel coronavirus pneumonia is not only affected by the epidemic, but also closely linked to the oil and gas industry, and the global A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties steel tube industry will also suffer from the "flash collapse" of international oil prices in March.

After adding a small amount of niobium, vanadium and titanium to A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties etc. steel, it is combined with the controlled rolling process to control the precipitation behavior of microalloying elements to achieve the purpose of improving the comprehensive properties of the steel, whether it is strength, toughness, ductile-brittle transition temperature, or Steel's process formability, welding performance, corrosion resistance and crack resistance have been significantly improved, while reducing production costs. Such steel products are widely used in oil and gas pipelines, vehicles, building structures, oil production platforms, pressure vessels, ship shells and many other fields.

In terms of transactions, the overall transaction of A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties today was acceptable, and some demand was released ahead of schedule. Today's low-cost resources are reduced, and most merchants are selling at high prices. It is understood that the current inventory levels in some markets are still low, and the late arrival rhythm is controllable, and the agent inventory pressure is less; secondly, steel mill orders are basically saturated, ex-factory prices are obvious, and short-term A387 Grade 22 Class1 properties price support is strong.

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