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15MnNiDR material product 1000tons in Netherlands

The related factors of 15MnNiDR material product steel plate cutting are mainly steel plate material, steel plate specific use and steel plate cutting requirements, so it can be said that there are many related factors. Different processing methods, such as finish machining and rough machining, choose different 15MnNiDR material product steel plate cutting methods. Wire cutting or plasma cutting is used for finishing and flame cutting is used for rough machining. Therefore, it can be concluded that the steel plate cutting methods selected under different processing methods are different.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been closed in recent years, and Pohang iron and Steel Co., Ltd. closed its overseas processing center in Italy, Malaysia, Philippines and India. At the request of the Italian government, all production activities will be stopped except for the necessary 15MnNiDR material product products. POSCO-ITPC, an Italian stainless steel cold rolling mill near Verona in northeast Italy, is scheduled to close from March 26 to April 3.

15MnNiDR material product, SA302 Gr C steel plate is classified as a manganese-molybdenum-nickel alloy steel plate for pressure vessels. It is commonly used in the production of reactors, heat exchangers, separators, EO reactors, and top-level equipment for petroleum, chemical, power stations, boilers and other occupations. SA302Gr series steel plates are divided into four grades, namely SA302 GrA, SA302 GrB, SA302 GrC, SA302 GrD.

Management information and high efficiency. Because of the rapid flow of 15MnNiDR material product goods, container multimodal transport and "door-to-door" transport, it is required that the port must have a modern information network, so that it can have the comprehensive capabilities of all-weather access, rapid loading and unloading, customs clearance, collection, distribution, storage and transportation

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