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  • US 17mn4 properties imports fell 10% month on month

US 17mn4 properties imports fell 10% month on month

17Mn4 properties, SA533 GrB CL1 steel plate belongs to the nuclear power vessel steel plate. It is one of the main materials used in the nuclear power industry and is widely used in boiling water reactors and pressure reactors. 17Mn4 properties, SA533 GrB CL1 steel plate is mainly used to make evaporators, voltage stabilizers, pressure vessel cylinders and heads, and supporting components in nuclear power projects.

After adding a small amount of niobium, vanadium and titanium to 17Mn4 properties etc. steel, it is combined with the controlled rolling process to control the precipitation behavior of microalloying elements to achieve the purpose of improving the comprehensive properties of the steel, whether it is strength, toughness, ductile-brittle transition temperature, or Steel's process formability, welding performance, corrosion resistance and crack resistance have been significantly improved, while reducing production costs. Such steel products are widely used in oil and gas pipelines, vehicles, building structures, oil production platforms, pressure vessels, ship shells and many other fields.

The advantages of 17Mn4 properties, seamless steel pipe are high pressure resistance, good toughness, long pipe section and few joints. It is widely used and the rolling technology of domestic steel mills is also very mature. Compared with round steel, the weight of seamless steel pipe is lighter under the same strength. Seamless steel pipe manufacturing ring parts, can improve the utilization of materials, simplify the manufacturing process, save materials and processing time. Compared with the welded pipe, there is no weld on the outer surface of seamless steel pipe, and it has good compression resistance.

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