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The 15mo3 material specification density

In the second step of hot rolling process, different finished mills are used to roll billets or continuous casting billets into finished steel of proper shape and size. This 15Mo3 material specification production process is called finished product production, which is generally divided into two stages of rough rolling and finish rolling. In the roughing stage, a large amount of reduction (reduction per pass) is adopted to reduce the number of passes and improve the output; after roughing, the finishing stage is entered, and the finishing is carried out with a small amount of reduction to achieve a good surface and accurate 15Mo3 material specification size.

Customer first, reputation first, high-quality and perfect after-sales service is the extension of our product value and an important guarantee for the interests of customers. The purpose of our 15Mo3 material specification service quality management system is to establish and constantly improve a scientific, reasonable and efficient service quality management system, and complete the after-sales service quality guarantee work of customers fairly, accurately and timely, For our company's 15Mo3 material specification customer service to establish a good, comprehensive, full service system.

16Mo3 steel plate is used for pressure vessel, and it is EN10028-2 designated chromium molybdenum steel alloy that is used for increasing working temperature. 16Mo3 steel plate is used to make industrial boilers and pressure vessels for the petroleum, natural gas and chemical industries. 16Mo3 steel plate is different from other raw materials in welding: 15Mo3 material specification preheating shall be carried out first, and the weld joint shall be kept for about 30 minutes after the completion of welding.

The yield rate is a comprehensive technical and economic index in the production of medium and heavy plates such as 15Mo3 material specification. Increasing the yield rate can not only reduce the loss of metal, but it is also vital to the economic benefits of the steel enterprise. The influencing factors of the yield of medium and heavy plates are various, for example, the variety structure, negative deviation rolling level, plate shape control level, cutting loss, rolling waste and burning loss, etc.

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