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Export great 19Mn6 chemical composition to South Africa

Ultrasonic flaw detection emits ultrasonic waves to the 19Mn6 chemical composition steel plate under inspection. If there are defects in the steel plate, the ultrasonic waves will reflect, refract or deform waveforms due to the defects. By recording these changes, the type and shape of the defects are analyzed. Due to its high energy and good penetration performance, and the smoothness of the 19Mn6 chemical composition steel plate itself, ultrasound is often used to detect defects such as inclusions, shrinkage holes, bubbles, and cracks in the steel plate.

The European standard EN10028-2: 2003 material is used to manufacture high-temperature performance steel plates for container equipment. P355GH steel mechanical properties: Tensile strength Rm360-630MPa, yield strength ReH: 235-355MPa. European standard EN10028-2: 2003 P355GH plates product thickness reaches 8-260mm. We can also supply P235GH, P265GH,P295GH, P355GH, P355NL2, P460Nh-material-for-boiler-steel-plate.html target=_blank class=infotextkey>P460NH, P460NL1, 19Mn6 chemical composition, 16Mo3 pressure vessel plate.

Continuous rolled steel plates and single rolled steel plates 19Mn6 chemical composition are often used in many industries. Although the appearance of these two steel plates is very similar and they are same steel grades, in some respects, they belong to two different plates. Because the continuous rolled steel plate is made of strip steel by uncoiling, leveling and shearing, its 19Mn6 chemical composition comprehensive mechanical properties are not as good as the single rolled steel plate, so some important occasions would choose single rolled steel plate but not continuous rolled steel plate.

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